Friday, August 21, 2009

Nationwide at Bristol

Tonight's Nationwide Series race was started with an Invocation by Rev. Rife of the Vansant Church of Christ. Rev. Rife prayed specifically for safety and thanking God for the good weather. It seemed more of a prayer and less of a commercial for the track and NASCAR that we have heard lately.

The National Anthem was sung by David Nail. Nail is an up and coming country music singer. I liked his low-key approach to singing. The announcer invited the crowd to join in singing and Nail's rendition was singable. I liked that.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Watkins Glen

The race is ready to start after the invocation by Rev. Dan Fife of Bentley Creek Wesleyan Church. It sounded weird to hear him say Helava Good Race even though it was the name of the race.

Telluride sang the national anthem with beautiful harmonies. It isn't often that a popular group does such a good job.

There was a fly-over by the 174th Fighter Wing from Syracuse, NY. I hear that fly-overs will be a thing of the past soon. Anyone else know about that?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Race Starts at Watkins Glen

Nationwide Race is underway and has been exciting so far.

The invocation was given by Rev. Fife of Bentley Creek Wesleyan Church. The National Anthem was sung by Megan Linville. Megan has a lovely voice, however, the pace of the song was rather slow.

I prefer to have the national anthem sung by in marching band style or by a choir with parts. What do you think?

How could NASCAR improve their opening ceremonies?