Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Am I Moving Forward In My Faith?

Kyle Busch won the Kobalt 500 Sunday in Atlanta. People in the NASCAR world are talking about the great success Kyle is experiencing this year. Currently he is #1 in points in the Craftsman Truck Series and in the Sprint Cup Series. In the Nationwide series, he is #3 and would probably have won the Nationwide race on Saturday if it had not been for a mechanical failure late in the race.
Kyle changed from the Hendricks team to the Joe Gibbs team for the 2008 – 2009 racing year. Does this change contribute to his success? Is Joe Gibbs able to harness Kyle’s spirit in a way that Rick Hendricks couldn’t? These questions are being discussed and will continue to be discussed throughout the NASCAR
A clue to that question may be something I discovered recently when I found that Joe Gibbs has a podcast on ITunes that is free for downloading. It would be worth your time to access Joe’s talk for the week of March 3. It is titled Fellowship with the Lord. This 3 minute talk gives some insight into Joe’s world of leadership. He tells how he makes decisions in his life. Joe says it is important to look at our lives from the viewpoint of what we are doing for the Lord and not how a step will give us money or fame in the racing world.
You also can get a look into the Gibbs garage by going to the web site and looking at the video message for March 7. I put a link for it in the links section of this blog. The address is

You don’t have to have an IPod to use for the ITunes connection. Simply download ITunes (free from www.apple.com )to your computer and then subscribe to the Joe Gibbs podcast. You can listen through your computer or download it to a CD. This is all free.
Enjoy this personal look into the faith of one of the premier team owners in NASCAR. You also get a look at the Gibbs Garage if you look at the video on line.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our Purpose

This blog will be a weekly spot for highlighting stories of faith throughout the racing community.

In NASCAR, more than any other professional sport, we see lives of faith displayed. The owners, drivers, crew members, support staff and families spend 36 weeks of the year in the public limelight.

Every week, the drivers put their lives on the line to provide a family-friendly, exciting sporting event.

Many of the owners, drivers, team members and families display a deep faith that guides their lives and gives them a reason beyond simply winning a race for their hard work.

They see their lives as mission-based to share their faith.

The purpose of the blog will be the share their stories and help the readers learn about a side of the racing community not covered in the secular media.

The purpose is to share stories of faith but not to affliate with any specific church or denomination.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Daytona Begins It All

NASCAR has always held firm to family values. This will be displayed in full view during the festivities at Daytona. No event will start without two important events-the invocation and the National Anthem. Both of these may seem routine but in fact they are recognizing that all accomplishments on the track is based on acknowledging our dependence on God and our country.
So when the invocation is given for the Sprint Cup Race and Trish Yearwood sings the National Anthem-remember that we, like all the participants in the race, owe our lives and everything in it to God and the United States of American. God bless America!