Friday, October 16, 2009

Lowes Motorspeedway Invocation for Nationwide Race.

Tonight's invocation on the Nationwide Race at Lowes Motorspeedway was unlike anything I had ever heard. Here is a transcript of the prayer by Rev. Joe Andresen

Heavenly father we thank you that in your divine providence you made it possible for us to be here tonight. And we ask you Lord to watch over our service men and women here and abroad God that you would protect them as they protect the freedom that we enjoy. And now Father God we lift up to you these asphalt warriors, these high octane gladiators who are going to risk themselves for the thrill of the race. We pray that you would increase their talents and abilities, that you would heighten their senses and awareness. God that you would protect them and give them a race that we will never forget. God that we could have a three-wide, door banging drag race to the checkered flag tonight. Yes Father we believe that nothing but good things are going to come to pass as soon as these men hit the gas. So Father we pray by faith with joy and thanksgiving in our hearts and in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and together all of God’s creation says amen and amen