Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our Purpose

This blog will be a weekly spot for highlighting stories of faith throughout the racing community.

In NASCAR, more than any other professional sport, we see lives of faith displayed. The owners, drivers, crew members, support staff and families spend 36 weeks of the year in the public limelight.

Every week, the drivers put their lives on the line to provide a family-friendly, exciting sporting event.

Many of the owners, drivers, team members and families display a deep faith that guides their lives and gives them a reason beyond simply winning a race for their hard work.

They see their lives as mission-based to share their faith.

The purpose of the blog will be the share their stories and help the readers learn about a side of the racing community not covered in the secular media.

The purpose is to share stories of faith but not to affliate with any specific church or denomination.

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