Tuesday, April 28, 2009

David Poole

David Poole, the NASCAR reporter for the Charlotte Observer and the author of Life in the Turn Lane blog, passed away today, April 28, 2009.  Details of the cause of death have not been released but Mr. Poole apparently collapsed after his radio program earlier today.

I feel that David Poole was the level head of NASCAR reporting-not always taking the popular viewpoint.  He was willing to speak his mind knowing full-well he was going to be thoroughly criticized by his readers.

I have been following and writing about NASCAR for a short time but I definitely followed and respected Mr. Poole's writing and viewpoint.  He was a level head in a cacophony of voices in NASCAR media reporting and opinion.

I venture to say that he was the "Tim Russert of NASCAR."  A talented writer who was taken too early and had much to offer.

However, we must keep this in perspective.  As important as David was to NASCAR, we can't forget that David Poole was also a family man who wrote affectionately about his family.  My heart sends out love and blessings to them at this very sad time.

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